Difference Between Wooden Casing Capping Wiring and Lead Sheathed Wiring

Wooden casing and capping wiring systems are suitable for low voltage domestic installation and here we are using VIR or PVC wires are used while in Lead sheathed wiring system that uses conductors that are insulated with VIR and that are covered with an outer sheath of lead aluminum alloy which contains about 95% almost lead.  Here this post gives the main key difference between wooden casing capping and leads sheathed wiring system to better understand this topic.

What is the wooden casing capping wiring system?

Wooden casing capping wiring system was famous in the wiring system in the past. This cable is used in kind of wiring were either VIR or PVC or any other approved insulated cables. The cable was carried through the wooden casing enclosures. The casing is made up of a strip of wood with parallel grooves cut lengthwise so as to accommodate some VIR cables. The capping used to cover the wires and cables installed and fitted in the casing.

What is lead sheathed wiring system?

The lead sheath is earthed at each and every junction to provide a path to ground for the leakage current. They are fixed means that of metal clips on wooden battens. The wiring system is very expensive. It is suitable for low voltage applications.

A key difference between wooden casing capping and lead sheathed wiring system:

  • The cost of a medium in a wooden casing capping wiring system while in lead sheathed wiring system cost is high.
  • Both of the wiring the voltage is low around 250 V.
  • We are using lead sheathed wiring life is long, but in wooden casing capping, the cost is fairly long.
  • Mechanical protection is good in both the wiring system.
  • Appearance is fair in both the wiring system.
  • General reliability is good in wooden casing capping wiring while in lead sheathed wiring reliability is fairly good.
  • Dampness protection is poor in wooden casing capping but in lead sheathed wiring dampness protection is good.
  • Highley skill labor is required for wooden casing capping.
  • While we are using the material must be used PVC, VIR, screws, board, block, wooden gutters but in lead sheathed wiring lead sheathed cable, wooden, clipboard, round board, wooden gutters, etc.
  • Wooden casing capping wiring is mostly used in a commercial office building, residential but nowadays being replaced by TRS wiring on account of additional advantages while in lead sheathed wiring is mostly used in service main. because of the high cost and heavy short circuit in case of leakage.

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