Precautions of lead sheathed wiring

Some precautions of lead sheathed wiring include:

  • The cable should not be run over damp places.
  • The cable should be properly protected were liable to mechanical damage.
  • The end of the conduit employed must be filled to remove burrs and bushes may also use both ends.
  • The support employee must not be of such a material that may react chemically with the sheath.
  • Power wiring should be carried separately from the wiring for fans and lights etc.
  • Sharp bends should be avoided and at the corner around the bend of radius not less 10 cm should be used.
  • When the cables are being clipped these should be dressed with a piece of hardwood be to make perfectly straight.
  • Contact with the gas or water pipes, expect at one definite bond to the water mains at the point of entry, should be avoided.
  • The lead sheathed must be continuous electrically and earthed at some suitable points, preferably at the point of entry.
  • The cables must be supported by proper metal clips and saddles, etc. Which must not be more than 35 cm apart on the vertical run and 22cm on the horizontal run for cable up to 7/0.736 mm
  • According to IEEE regulations, the lead sheathed should be continuous throughout the installation either by soldering or by bonding with clamps.