Advantages and disadvantages of high pass filter

A high pass filter is also called as HPF, it allows for easy passage of high-frequency signals from source to load, and difficult passage of low-frequency signals. Here now we have to discuss the advantage and disadvantages of high pass filters to better understand this topic.

Benefits or Advantages of high pass filter:

  • They are used in an audio processing system that filters unwanted noise.
  • They are used in various applications such as a broadcast receiver to select desired channel frequency.
  • When the use of a Butterworth filter has the magnitude response is zero at the geometric center of the passband. It has a simple transfer function where the coefficients of the polynomials are easy to calculate.

Drawback or Disadvantages of high pass filter:

  • They filter out od the DC offset of the signal.
  • If the component value is not selected correctly then we end up filtering the frequency which we actually need.
  • When using a filter if we don't select correct components then we get unwanted ripples in the passband or the stopband or unwanted phase shifts in certain frequencies.
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