Coaxial cable advantage

Coaxial cable is an older wiring technology that is usually implemented with a bus topology.  Coaxial cable is the most common basic transmission line. They are used to transmit electrical energy or signal from one location to another. to connect the source to load such a transmitter to an antenna. Now let us discuss with the benefits or advantages and disadvantages or demerits of coaxial cable to Better understand this topic.

Advantages of coaxial cable
  • The cost of a coaxial cable is less.
  • Highly resistant to physical damage.
  • Highly resistant to EMI.
  • Great channel capacity.
  • The transmission rate is high.
  • It is small in diameter.
  • It is less susceptible to noise interference compare to twisted pair.
  • It allows a high transfer rate with coaxial cable having better shielding materials.
  • It is easy to wire and easy to expand to flexibility.
  • It support high bandwidth signal transmission compare to twisted pair.
  • Noise immunity due to a low error rate.
  • It requires fewer repeater than twisted pair.
  • It has been used for many years for many types of data communication, including cable television also.
  • It is used for high-frequency applications So it will increase the tensile strength of the cable and reduces weight.
  • The outer conductor in coaxial cable is used to improve and increases attenuation and shield effectiveness. 

Disadvantages of coaxial cable:

  • It is expensive to install.
  • Cost maintenance is also high.
  • Inflexible construction.
  • Unsupported by newer networking standards.
  • It is bulky.
  • It has a more security problem.
  • It does not support high-speed transmission.
  • It must be grounded to prevent interference.
  • In case of failure in one cable, the entire network will be down by using this wire.
  • The security is a great concern as it is easy and to use to tap the coaxial cable by breaking it and inserting T- joint in between.
  • Its baseband transmission does not allow for integrated video and voice.
  • Need more room in wiring ducts than twisted pair.
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