Difference between utp and stp

UTP, STP both are fiber optic cables, They are the most commonly used cable in computer networks. Before discussing the difference between these two, first, let we understand what is UTP and STP. UTP and STP are two types of twisted pair cable, it is also known as the 10baseT where the T  stand for twisted pair cable, Base stand for baseband signal.

Definition of UTP:

UTP called the unshielded twisted pair cable. Both data and voice both are transmitted through UTP because its frequency range is suitable. In UTP grounding cable is not necessary also in UTP much more maintenance are not needed therefore it is too much cost-effective.

Definition of STP:

STP called the Shielded twisted pair cable. In STP grounding cable is required but in UTP grounding is not required. In STP much more maintenance is needed therefore it is costlier than UTP.

The main key difference between STP and UTP are listed below:

  • UTP and STP are the types of twisted pair cable where the UTP is the unshielded type whereas the STP is shielded pair type cable, for doing metal foil or braided mesh is used.
  • UTP cables are easily installed while the installation of STP cables is difficult are cables are bigger, heavier and stiffer.
  • UTP cables are inexpensive whereas the STP cables are costly comparatively due to additional material and manufacturing.
  • STP cable is better at maximizing bandwidth compared to UTP cables.
  • Grounding is not required in UTP cables, STP cables require grounding.
  • UTP reduces the crosstalk and noise as compared to the parallel arrangement of the wires but not to a great extent. STP decreases the crosstalk, noise and electromagnetic interference significantly.
  • STP cables cost more per meter compared to UTP cable.
  • STP cables incorporate a conducting shield but of metallic foil enclosing the twisted wire pairs, which obstructs out electromagnetic interference, permitting it to carry data at an enhanced rate of speed. In contrast, UTP provides less speed for data transfer.
  • STP cable cost more per meter compared to the UTP cables.
  • UTP cables are more prevalent in SOHO networks while the STP is used in more high-end applications.
  • The data rate in UTP is slow as compared to the STP, Data rate of STP is high.

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