Difference Between Power and Torque

As we know, Power and Torque are the two most common key terms in the field of electrical and electronics and communication engineering. Most of the times these terms confuse the newbie or those who just started learning the electronics sciences. 

Definition of Torque:

The torque is the measure of the circular force whose effect can rotate by the particular type of the object. In other words, it is the product of the force and the distance. The torque is also called the twisting power. The SI unit of the torque is newton-meter an equivalent to joule.

Definition of Power:

Power is the measure of the amount of the work done, or in other words, power is defined as the amount of energy utilize a part unit of time. It is measured in joules/seconds and the SI unit is a watt. The power is mainly into two types the electrical power and mechanical power.

One of the major differences between power and torque is that the power is the amount of work done by an object while the torque is the tendency of the force to rotate object in a particular direction. Here this article gives information about the difference between power and torque are listed below.

The main key difference between power and torque are listed below:

  • The unit of power is a joule per second while the unit of torque is equivalent to the joule.
  • The power is the amount of energy per unit of time whereas the torque is the measure of energy whose effect can rotate the object.
  • The SI unit of power is the watt, whereas the SI unit of the torque is newton-meter.
  • The power is represented by the letter P whereas the torque is represented by the greek alphabet T.
  • The torque is induced when the force is applied to an object or body. While the electrical power is caused by the generator or through the battery and also the mechanical power is developed by doing some work. 
  • The power is defined as a ratio of the energy consumed with respect to time whereas the torque is the product of the force and distance.
  • The power is mainly classified into two types, mechanical power, and electrical power. There is no specific type of torque.
  • The electrical power is measured through the energy meter or multimeter whereas the torque is measured through a torque sensor or torque meter.
  • The power is a scalar quantity whereas the torque is a vector quantity. Torque twisted the object in a direction opposite to which the force applied to it.
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