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Force and power both quantities that come in the study for mechanics. In everyday usage the two terms may have similar connotations, however, in physics, the two terms have two separate meanings. The main key difference between force and power is that the term force is used to describe something that can change the momentum of an object. while the power is referred to as the rate as which force is able to transfer the energy. Here this article gives information about the difference between force and power to better understand this topic.

Definition of force: 

  • Force is a push or pull
  • Require an agent 
  • Acts an object
  • Measuring unit is Newtons
  • Is a vector 
  • Is a contact force or long-range force

Definition of power:

  • Power is the rate at which how work is done.
  • Another way energy is transmitted.
  • Power of a moving object.
  • The measuring unit is Joule/second or Watt.
  • It is a scalar.
  • It connects to object and really looking at how fast work is happening

The main key difference between force and power are listed below:

  • A force or a pull resulting from an interaction between objects while the power is the rate at which work is done or energy is transmitted.
  • The measuring unit of force is newton while the unit of power is joule/second.
  • The symbolic representation of force is F while the symbolic representation of power is P.
  • Force is given by a cross product of mass and acceleration, power is given as the ratio of work done per unit time. Means Force = mass multiplied by acceleration, F = ma, Power  = work divided by time, P = w/t.
  • Force is applied over a distance creates work, Power is a rate at which work is performed.
  • The force word or the unit of name force is given by the name of Isaac Newton while the Power words name comes after scientist James Watt.
  • Force is a vector quantity thus both magnitude and direction are required to have the resultant force on an object while the power is a scalar quantity thus is specified by only its magnitude.
  • Force example gravity, friction, magnetism while the power is horsepower (1 horsepower = 750 Watts).
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