18 April 2020

Difference Between Gravitation and Gravity

As we know, Gravitation and Gravity are the two most common key terms in the field of Physic science. Most of the times these terms confuse the newbie or those who just started learning the electronics sciences. Here this article give the difference between gravitation and gravity are listed below.

Definition of Gravitation:

A natural phenomenon occurring between two distant objects placed in-universe that causes them to move is known as gravitation. We know that everybody is this universe moves only under the influence of some force. So the force acting between two bodies in the universe is known as the gravitational force.

Definition of Gravity:

Gravity is a natural phenomenon that acts between the earth and the object placed in the universe. The force of gravity is generally defined as the force acting between earth and an object present near it.

The main key difference between gravitation and gravity are listed below:

  • The key factor of differentiation between gravitation and gravity is that gravitational force occurs between two objects. While the force of gravity occurs between the earth and an object.
  • The force of gravitation acting between two objects is quite weaker in comparison to the force gravity.
  • Gravitational force can be either attractive or repulsive in nature depending upon the direction of movement. However, the force of gravity is only attractive in nature, as the object is very small in mass in comparison to the mass of earth. Thus the object gets attracted to the earth.
  • The gravitational force is a universal force whereas the force of gravity is a derived force.
  • Gravitational force is experienced generally by bodies with small dimensions. As against the force of gravity necessarily involves earth viz.a very heavy body.
  • Gravitation is a week force while gravity is a strong force.
  • Graviton force is a vector quantity while gravity is the vector field.
  • The gravitational force acting between two objects require the masses of both the bodies between which the acting force is to be determined. While in case of determining the force of gravity, the mass of only the object is needed.
  • Gravitation is defined as F = G *  m₁ m ₂ / x₂ while gravity is define as the F = mg.
  • G is the universal constant G = 6.67 * 10 ⁻¹¹ Nm²/ Kg², g  is not universally constant, g = 9.8 m/s². 
  • The direction of the gravitational force lies in the radial direction from the mass, While the direction of the force of gravity is along the line joining the earth center and the center of the body. Gravity is the direction of force along the line joining the earth's center and the center of the body. It is direction is towards the center of the earth. 
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