Advantages and disadvantages of twisted pair cable

As we know that a twisted pair cable is one type of wiring in which they are two-conductor of a single circuit which are twisted together for the purpose of improving electromagnetic compatibility. Here this article gives the information about  Benefits or Advantages and Drawbacks or disadvantages of twisted pair cable to better understand this topic.

Benefits or Advantages of twisted pair cable:

  • It is the least expensive medium of transmission for short distances.
  • It is relatively easy to implement and terminate.
  • It can be used to carry both pf the data analog and digital data.
  • I turn are less likely to cause interference themselves.
  • It is flexible and lightweight.
  • It is easy to set up and install.
  • Less susceptible to electrical interference caused by nearby equipment or uses of wires.
  • If the portion of twisted pair cable is damaged it does not affect the entire network.

Drawback or disadvantages of twisted pair cable:

  • Attenuation is very high.
  • It offers poor noise immunity as the result signal distortion is too much more.
  • STP called shielded twisted pair cable is more difficult to connect to a terminating block.
  • Being this cable is thin in size, they are likely to break easily.
  • Some transmission is limit.
  • Susceptible to noise and interference.
  • It supports lower bandwidth as compared to other media. It supports 10 Mbps up to a distance of 100 meters on a 10 base-T.
  • It supports lower bandwidth as compared to other media.

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