22 April 2020

Difference Between DSL Modem and Cable Modem

There is a number of choices that include DSL modem and cable modem. The main key difference between DSL and cable modem is with what device and what services they are linked with it. The DSL modem is connected to the telephone line and thus it links together with your phone service, While the cable modem connects to your cable box and is an add on do not need a landline phone, more common than you think given the growing dependence on mobile phones.

What is a DSL modem?

A DSL modem is configured with your telephone line. This modem is responsible for the connection between your PC and the telephone line that contains the digital subscriber line service. Sometimes it is often referred to as a DSL transceiver and is implemented on the subscriber end of the DSL connection.

What is a cable modem?

A cable modem works exactly similar to the DSL modem except that it creates communication between your PC and it uses the cable television line by converting the signal compatibility. The cable modem can either be internal or be external for with your PC  to establish a connection and in some cases, it can be included with your TV cable receiver.

The main key difference between the DSL modem and cable modem are listed below:

  • The DSL modem is tied to some of the phone line while the cable modem is tied to the TV box.
  • DSL modems get more reliable speeds to compare with the cable modems.
  • The cable modems can offer faster speeds than DSL modems.
  • Cable modems are on the decline while the DSL modem are getting more popular.
  • DSL installation can be done by yourself, but a technician is always available in case you need help with installation, while the Cable modem visit from a technician.
  • The DSL modem not shred constant speed, while the cable modem shared speed varies depending on the number of the subscriber on the network.
  • Home networking is possible on both devices.
  • Equipment is needed phone jack in DSL modem, While cable modem need cable box and remote.
  • DSL modem needs security software from ISP, cable modem needs security software. 
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