Advantages and disadvantages of digital signature

One of the best ways to secure information, digital signature have simplified secure communication between individuals, business, market, a government institution. At the very core of digital signature processing and verification are security, encryption, and the use of algorithms. Here this article gives the information about the advantages and disadvantages of digital signature to better understand this topic.

Advantages of digital signature:

  • A digital signature provides better security in the transaction. Any unauthorized person cannot do fraudulence in transactions.
  • You can easily track the status of the documents on which the digital signature is applied.
  • High speed up document delivery.
  • It is 100% legal it is issued by the government authorized certifying authority.
  • If you have signed a document digitally, then you cannot deny it.
  • In this signature, When a document is get signed, date and time are automatically stamped on it.
  • It is not possible to copy or change the document signed digitally.
  • Identification of the person that signs.
  • Elimination of the possibility of committing fraud by an imposter.

Disadvantages of digital signature:

  • You need to troubleshoot all the compatibility problems. In there are a lot of compatibility settings like an updated version of driver and software.
  • Software is one of the main issues while using a digital signature certificate.
  • If you are belonging to the corporate world and running an export-import organization, you need to produce a digital signature for E-ticketing. 
  • In this signature, Lost or theft of keys and the use of vulnerable storage facilities.
  • There is a stronger need for a standard through which these different methods can interact.
  • In this era of fast technological advancement, many of these tech products have a short shelf life.
  • In order to effectively use a digital signature, both senders and recipients may have to buy digital certificates.
  • To work with digital certificates, the sender and recipients have to buy verification software at a cost.
  • A digital signature involves the primary avenue for any business is money.
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