14 July 2020

Advantages and disadvantages of electronics signature

There are lots of plenty of reasons to get excited about this technology, but it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of electronic signature before deciding if they are right for your business.

Advantages of electronics signature:

  • The transaction can be undertaken over the internet with speed and efficiency.
  • Reduce the need for storage facilities and can be more secure.
  • It is a quick and faster service.
  • Electronics signatures are easy to use. The process allows for the signing of multiple documents at once with the right platform.
  • Reduce human error that can be associated with the courier handing confident document that needs to be delivered within the right time formats.
  • It consumes less time compared to a digital signature.
  • Online signature provides more certify that the singer who they say they are compared to just pressing on accept button that could be pressed by anyone.
  • Signatures are legally binding.
  • You can also add signature fields on the documents whenever you want before sending the document for signing.
  • You can choose to add a signature to just about any document type although the document formats allowed way from one service to another.

Disadvantages of electronics signature:

  • The security of the documents can be compromised of you choose a platform that doesn't focus on encryptions.
  • The digital signature needs to be verified and there is no legal means stipulating this verification process.
  • The process of using a digital signature may be difficult for all parties to understand, a digital signature requires encryption and complex verification services.
  • Hardware and software may become obsolete. This has necessitated a special archive service to be set up that verify that e-signed documents were validity signed.
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