Difference between VGA and HDMI

VGA ad HDMI are two video standard that is being used in the world today. The primary key difference between these two is in the format of the information that it conveys.  So here this article gives the main key difference between VGA and HDMI to better understand this topic. 

What is VGA?

VGA stands for Video graphic array, it is considered an old school technology. It is one of the oldest connection standards found on the market today. It was first created by IBM and introduced to the world in the year od 1987. It was commonly used for video cards, computer monitors, TV sets, and laptops.

What is HDMI?

HDMI stands for High definition multimedia interface. HDMI is a simpler, more accurate way of transmitting data between components. HDMI is an alternative to other connections, such as a DVI or component video. This system consists of digital television that includes HDMI inputs and components with HDMI outputs.  An HDMI cable, which consists of 19 individual wires into a single cable, is used to connect the Two. The interface resembles a large USB connection, with the number of 19 pins or holes.

Difference between VGA and HDMI:

  • VGA stands for Video graphics array while in HDMI stands for high definition multimedia interface.
  • VGA is an analog video standard while the HDMI is digital.
  • VGA is very old while the HDMI is still pretty new.
  • VGA is usually used in computers but HDMI is widely used in HD tv sets and media players.
  • VGA can only carry a video signal while HDMI can carry a lot of signals another signal along with the video.
  • VGA is not hot-pluggable, RGB analog video signal, 15 pins, While in HDMI is hot-pluggable, external, digital video and audio signal, 19 or 29 pins.
  • In VGA, VGA to DVI available, while in HDMI compatible with DVI and VGA converters.
  • In VGA requires separate audio cable, While in HDMI LPCM, Dolby Digital, DTS, DVD-audio, super audio CD, Dolby digital plus, Dolby true HD, DTS- HD master audio, MPCM, DSD, and DST.

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