22 December 2020

Difference Between ISDN and PSTN

The main difference that PSTN and ISDN can be seen as two is that PSTN lines are digital. When comparing the two networks, the PSTN lies are used for small companies and ISDN is for bigger compies. So here this article gives the main key difference between ISDN ad PSTN to better understand this topic.

What is PSTN?

PSTN is the global interconnects of circuit-switched telephone networks which consist of the access network. In PSTN the core networks such as telephone lines, fiber optics cables, microwave transmission links, cellular phone networks, communication satellites, and many more undersea telephone cables, all of our interconnected by switching centers. 

What is ISDN?

ISDN is a digital version of the telephone line, it allows transmission of the voice ad data over copper lines offering more features, higher quality ad faster call setup capabilities in comparison to the classic telephone system.

 Difference between ISDN ad PSTN:

  • PSTN stands for public switch telephone network, while ISDN stands for Integrated service digital network.
  • PSTN lines are analog while ISDN. lines are digital.
  • While PSTN. does not allow two simultaneous connections, it is allowed in ISDN. services.
  • When using ISDN one can make faster calls compare to when using the PSTN.
  • When comparing the two networks, the PSTN. lines are used for small companies ad ISDN is used for bigger companies.
  • The ISDN provides 128 kbit/s speed which is really good for the internet. PSTN has a disadvantage in that it does not make the most possible use of broadband.