9 September 2021


What is SDN?

SDN manages networks by decoupling the control and forwarding planes. Architects and administrators use software to configure and manage network functions from a centralized control point. This approach creates dynamic, agile, and scalable networks that use modern data center virtualized infrastructure to respond quickly to changing business requirements.

What is NFV?

NFV decouples network function from proprietary hardware appliances and provides equivalent network functionality without requiring specialized hardware. These virtual network functions, which run on high-performance x86 servers, have the distinct advantage of being deployable on demand.

SDN vs NFV | Difference between SDN and NFV:

  • SDN architecture mainly focuses on data centers, while NFV is targeted at service providers or operators.
  • SDN separates the control plane and data forwarding plane by centralizing control and programmability of the network, while the NFV helps service providers or operators to provides virtualize functions like load balancing, routing, and policy management by transferring network function from dedicated appliances to virtual servers.
  • Sdn employs OpenFlow as a communication protocol; no protocol for NFV has been determined as of yet.
  • SDN supports an open networking foundation,  while the NFV is driven by the ETSI NFV working group.
  • SDN corporate IT acts as a business initiator for SDN, while the NFV service provider or operator acts as a business initiator.
  • SDN is a various enterprise networking software and hardware vendors are initiative supporters. While the NFV is a telecom service provider or operators are prime initiative supporters.
  • SDN applications run on industry-standard servers or switches, while the NFV application runs on industry-standard servers.
  • SDN lowers network costs by eliminating the need for expensive switches and routers. While the NFV increases scalability and agility as well as the speed of time to market as it dynamically allots hardware a level of capacity to network function needed at a particular time.
  • SDN uses networking and cloud orchestration, while the NFV is used router, firewalls, gateways, WAN accelerators, SLA assurance, & video servers.
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