1 August 2021

Internet vs world wide web

What is the internet?

The internet is a massive network of networks that serves as a networking infrastructure. It connects millions of computers around the world, forming a network in which any computer can communicate with any other computer as long as both are connected to the internet. The internet transports data using a variety of languages known as protocols.

What is WWW?

The WWW is the leading web-based information retrieval service. Online provides users with access to a vast array of documents that are linked to one another via hypertext or hypermedia links. Hyperlinks. Electronics connections that link related pieces of data to allow a user quick access to them.

Internet vs World wide web:

  • Internet is a global network of networks, WWW stands for the worldwide web.
  • Internet is a means of connecting a computer to any other computer anywhere in the world, while the WWW is a collection of information that is accessed via the internet.
  • The Internet can be viewed as a big book store, while the WWW is web can be viewed as a collection of books on that store.
  • Internet is infrastructure, while the WWW is a service on top of that infrastructure.
  • Internet is some advanced level, to understand we can think of the internet hardware, while the WWW is some advanced level, to understand we can think of the WWW as a software.
  • Internet is primarily hardware-based, while the WWW is more software-oriented as compared to the internet.
  • The Internet employs computer networks, copper wire, fibre optic cables, and wireless networks, whereas the WWW employs files, folders, and documents stored on various computers.
  • Internet is a superset of WWW, while the WWW is a subset of the internet.
  • Internet is originated sometime in the late 1960s, while the WWW is English scientist Tim Berners lee invented the world wide web in 1989.
  • The first version of the Internet was known as ARPANET, while the beginning WWW  was known as NSFNET.
  • Internet uses IP addresses, while the WWW uses HTTP.

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