6 February 2023

SCADA Vs HMI | Difference | Comparison

Supervisory control and data acquisition(SCADA) and Human-machine interfaces(HMI) systems frequently cause confusion. Although HMI is merely a component of SCADA systems, the confusion is understandable given that the HMI is a part of the system that people interact with most frequently. 

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What is SCADA?

SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition. A SCADA system consists of many hardware and software components. A SCADA system uses hardware and software to jointly control and monitor the equipment used in industrial processes. By recording process data in real time and enabling adjustment to the control and setpoints from a distance, SCADA improves workflow efficiency. There are four elements that are regarded as being a part of the fundamental architecture found in almost every operational SCADA system.

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What is HMI?

HMI stands for human-machine interaction. An HMI is a piece of hardware that houses software that enables human-machine interaction. HMIs are now essential components for equipment maintenance and operation because of this functionality. The majority of contemporary automated systems come with at least one HMI. 

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SCADA Vs HMI | Difference | Comparison

  • SCADA is monitoring and controls - Large applications, While HMI is monitoring and controlling - small applications.
  • The HMI is just a component of the SCADA.
  • While the human operator uses the HMI, SCADA is a full control system.
  • SCADA is expensive, and HMI is cheap.
  • SCADA is the server and client's PC, visualization, reports, and Historian. While HMI is one device system composition.
  • SCADA is complex engineering and deployment. While in HMI is easy in deploy.
  • Location of SCADA in the server room. While the Location of HMI is in the field near the process.
  • Scalability is almost limited in SCADA. While in HMI scalability is limited.
  • Complexity is high in SCADA. Whereas complexity is low in HMI.
  • Flexibility is high in SCADA. While flexibility is limited in HMI.
  • Redundancy is exist and is usually used in SCADA systems. While in HMI redundancy does not exist.

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