AVR Vs PIC | Difference | Comparison

What's the difference between AVR and PIC? What distinguishes them? Can AVR use in a PIC? Get all of the answers right here. Let's look at the difference between AVR and PIC and how to tell them apart.

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What is an AVR microcontroller?

In 1996, ATMAL Corporation released the AVR microcontroller. It is also known as advanced virtual RISC and is based on the RISC instruction set architecture(ISA). AT90S8515 was the first microcontroller in the AVR family. The most common type of controller is the AVR microcontroller, which is also the cheapest. It is used in numerous robotic applications.

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What is PIC Microcontroller?

PIC stands for peripheral interface controller. Microchip created the PIC microcontroller. In terms of implementation and performance, this microcontroller is a very fast simple microcontroller. This microcontroller is simple to program and interface with other peripherals.

AVR Vs PIC | Difference between AVR and PIC

  • AVR stands for advanced virtual RISC microcontroller. While PIC stands for peripheral interface controller microcontroller.
  • The manufacturer of the AVR microcontroller is ATMEL. and the manufacture of a PIC microcontroller is a microchip.
  • AVR microcontroller bus width is 8/32-bit. PIC microcontroller bus width is 8/16/32 bit.
  • AVR speed is 1 clock/instruction cycle whereas,  PIC speed is 4 clock/instruction cycles.
  • AVR  support UART, USART, SPI, I2C communication protocol. While PIC supports PIC, UART, USART, LIN, CAN, Ethernet, and SPI communication protocols.
  • AVR is based on Harvard architecture. While PIC is based on modified Harvard architecture.
  • AVR microcontroller is based on the RISC instruction set architecture. On the other hand, the PIC microcontroller is based on some features of the RISC instruction set architecture.
  • AVR families include tiny, atmega, xmega, and special purpose AVR. While PIC families include PIC16, PIC17, PIC18, PIC24, PIC3.
  • AVR is a very cheap and effective microcontroller. But PIC is a very cheap microcontroller.
  • Popular microcontrollers AVR are atmega 8,16,32, Arduino community, and popular microcontrollers is PIC18fXX8, PIC6f88X, and PIC32MXX.

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