AVR Microcontroller Features

AVR stands for the RISC processor AIF(Egil Bogen) and Vegard(Wollan). The AVR microcontroller created by ATMEL in 1997, is an improved RISC(Reduced instruction set CPU) high-speed 8-bit microcontroller with built-in flash.

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The key Features of the AVR Microcontroller

  • Flash memory is 16 KB, and SRAM is 1 KB.
  • DIP package.
  • Serial USART.
  • Multifunction
  • Mutiple internal oscilator.
  • ISP or In system programmer.
  • Flash memory up to 256 KB.
  • Internal data EEPROM up to 4 KB.
  • 10-bit 8-channel ADC.
  • Internal SRAM up to 16 KB.
  • EPROM is 512 bytes.
  • SPI interface.
  • It is available in 40-pin
  • Master or slave SPI serial interface.
  • ARM CPU.
  • Programmbe serial USART.
  • PWM channels - 4.
  • Digital analog comparator
  • 16-bit timer or counter 1
  • 8-bit timers or counter 2
  • 8-bit timers or counters 2
  • Programmable watchdog timer including separate on-chip oscillator.
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