29 March 2023

Pros and cons of MP4

MP4 Stands for MPEG 4. It is a widely used video format that offers a number of advantages. It is the most widely used video format in daily life in MP4, particularly for videos on mobile devices. But do you understand what MP4 is? The MP4 file format stands for MPEG-4, is used to store audio and video files digitally. MP4 compression is lossless, meaning that the audio or video quality of the actual file is not reduced. The decision by video editors to produce video files in this format is made for a variety of factors. Here are a few pros and cons of MP4 to better understand this topic

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Pros of MP4 | Advantages of MP4

  • The fact that the MP4 format can be utilised on a variety of platforms makes it simpler to use and distribute.
  • The file can be integrated with 3D graphics, menus or user navigation options, and other user interaction features to metadata support.
  • It is smaller size is produced as a result of its high compression level.
  • Many open-source players, including VLC media players, offer full support for this format. Even Linux operating systems use it.
  • MP4 also has flexibility. MPEg-4 Visual bitstreams are encoded in M4V files, while files that only contain audio are coded with the M4 A extension.
  • Unlike the AVI format, it has a high degree of compression while producing smaller file sizes, making it perfect for streaming videos or compressing high-definition audio video files.
  • An MP4 file can include metadata and an extensible metadata platform, which can include subtitles images in the PNG or JPEG standards, among other formats, and PDF files.

Cons of MP4 | Disadvantages of MP4

  • MP4 is a lossy compression format, which means that during each compression, the file information is lost.
  • The MP4 format's portability and popularity have made it possible to illegitimately distribute copyrighted audio and video files.
  • MP4 files can consume a lot of processing power because they include both audio and video data.
  • MP4 files can easily have their metadata removed and be distributed illegally.
  • In some cases, audio and video can become out of sync because of codec compatibility issues or problems with certain codecs.
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