MKV Vs MP4 | Difference | Comparison

Two of the more widely used video format are MKV and MP4. There is consequentially regular confusion regarding which of the format is superior and which should be preferred. MKV, the more recent of the two, provides higher quality than its predecessor. MKV has fewer media players and a compatible device than MP4 does. Since MP4 is backwards compatible, most devices can easily support it. What works best for you and your situation will determine the format you use.  So lets a deep insight into MKV Vs MP4 to better understand this topic.

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What is MP4?

The moving picture experts group produced MP4. Different video codecs, particularly the H.264 video codec are supported by the format. It is supported by a variety of contemporary gadgets. Speaking of file sizes, users who use this format receive good-quality footage in comparatively small file sizes. It is challenging to soft sub and adds additional audio tracks to MP4 videos. To stream MP4 videos is simple. Both MPEG-DASh and HLS streaming protocols are supported by them.

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What is MKV?

One of the most fundamental video formats was created by Matroska's lead developers and is known as MKV or Matroska video files. It is an open-source video format that supports the inclusion of a wide range of audio-visual content. An MKV file can therefore include various audio tracks, video tracks and subtitle files, enabling easier sharing and distribution of these files. The name is derived from the well-known Russian matryoshka dolls, which consisted of dolls of various sizes nested inside one another.

MKV Vs MP4 | Difference between MKV and MP4

  • MKV needs a player to support it like VLC or WMP, MP4 is native for all browsers.
  • Public use in MKV In the year 2002, MP4 was released for public use in 2003.
  • The extension of MKV is .mkv and the MP4 extension of .mp4.
  • Although MP4 supports MPEG-DASH and HLS, MKV is a little more challenging to use in this format for streaming.
  • MKV is developed by Steve Lhomm. MP4 developed by the moving picture expert group
  • The license is unsupported in MKV. Whereas an MP4 license is required for DRM.
  • MKV is a group of audio formats and video formats, multiple audio tracks and subtitles. MP4 is AAC audio format and MPEG video format, with only one audio track. The subtitle is saved separately.
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