5 April 2023

Features of DCS

Distributed control system(DCS) is widely utilised in industrial automation to control and automate machines and processes. DCS monitor the input and field signals and makes a decision depending on the programming. Important features of DCS like a redundant system, system protection, system security and many more. So let us have deep insight into the features of DCS to better understand this topic.

Important features of DCS

Let us have look at the important features of the Distributed control system and these are as follows:

  • A redundant system
  • control over challenging processes.
  • system protection.
  • The DCS system offers greater flexibility and can be applied to a wider range of server systems thanks to its improved scalability.
  • System Security
  • DCS offers various algorithms, many common application libraries, pre-defined and pre-tested activities, and numerous pre-defined functional blocks to handle large systems.
  • More advanced HMI design allows to manage and monitor complex systems and also this functions as a centralized system of the entire DCS.
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