M4V Vs MP4 | Difference | Comparison

Both MP4 and M4V files ate technically video container formats. Both file formats allow for the inclusion of numerous content kinds in a single file.  An M4V or MP4 file may therefore include several video and audio streams, track data, subtitles, menus, and even 3D materials. Let us have a look at the difference between M4V and MP4 to better understand this topic.

What is M4V?

Apple created the M4V video container format specifically for encoding films, movies, music videos, and other content for its iTunes store. The M4v Video files you buy or rent from iTunes are often protected by Apple's Fairplay DRM copy protection which prevents copying or piracy. As a result, you can only watch protected M4V videos on Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, not on nonapple platforms like an Android.

What is MP4?

The group of experts in moving pictures created MP4. The format supports a variety of video codecs, although it especially supports H.264. It is supported by numerous modern devices. Users of this format get high-quality video in relatively modest file sizes, speaking of which. Soft subtitling MP4 films and adding extra audio tracks are difficult tasks. It's easy to broadcast MP4 videos. They support the MPEG-DASh and HLS streaming protocols.

M4V VS MP4 | Difference between M4V and MP4

  • The M4V is restricted in usage but best suited for Apple products. MP4 is the greatest option because it is flexible.
  • Apple Inc. created the M4V and built it for use with iPhone, iPod, and other Apple products. However, the MP4 format was created by the MPEG group of professionals in moving pictures.
  • M4V released date 2003, and MP4 released date 2001.
  • M4V opens in iTunes by default, While MP4 opens in Windows, MAC, and iPhone.
  • M4V is not easy to use, but MP4 is easy to use.
  • Only H.264 files can be converted into M4V files. The MP4 files can support MPEG-4, HEVC, or H.264 files.
  • M4V is not programmed to adapt, MP4 is programmed to adapt to many devices. 
  • The M4V is popular among Apple users. The MP4 is compatible with more devices and hence more popular among users. 
  • The file extension for M4V is .m4v and for MP4 the file extension is .mp4.
  • The file size of MP4 is smaller than M4V files, and the File size of MKV is larger than MP4 files.
  • MP4 is used for general purpose format for streaming, downloading, and storing video files. MKV is used for apple specific formats primarily for video files downloaded from iTunes, and is not recommended for other purposes.
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