27 June 2023

Pros and Cons of X86

X86 is more configurability, more powerful and it is relatively inexpensive. So let us check about the pros and cons to know more about X86.

Pros of X86 | Advantages of X86

  • X86 is configurability and expandability
  • They offer more powerful performances
  • X86-based chips are relatively inexpensive and widely used in computer systems. 
  • X86 processors are the leaders in the desktop and notebook market.
  • X86-based chips are highly customizable and are built to include features that make them an ideal choice for consumers.
  • X86-based chips are the standard when it comes to PC processors and is known for delivering excellent performance and the potential for overclocking

Cons of X86 | Disadvantages of X86

  • The system can be compromised permanently
  • They consume more and they generate more heat.
  • X86-based chips are prone to certain security risks due to memory and code execution issues.
  • X86-based chips are not as future-proof as some power alternatives.
  • X86-based chips are often not very power efficient, compared to more modern alternatives like ARM-based chips.
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