SODIMM Vs DIMM | Difference | Comparison

The main difference between SODIMM and DIMM is there in physical size. SODIMM modules are smaller and more compact, typically used in Laptops and small form factor computers. They have a smaller number of pins compared to DIMM modules. SODIMM(Small outline  Duel In line memory module) and DIMM(Duel Inline Memory Module) are both types of memory modules that are used in computers.

What is SODIMM?

SODIMM stands for Small outline Duel In line memory module, It is referred to as SODIMM. It is a particular class of memory module that is frequently seen in laptops and other compact electronic devices. SODIMMs are created to fit in the restricted space within laptops and other compact devices since they are smaller than standard DIMMs in size.

What is DIMM?

DIMM stands for Dual Inline Memory module, It is referred to as a DIMM. Regardless of the type of memory, every RAM module on the market is in the DIMM format. DIMM denotes the memory shape rather than the memory type. DIMM modules are lengthier RAM sticks you see in desktop PCs.

SODIMM Vs DIMM | Difference between SODIMM and DIMM

  • Since DIMM modules offer more memory and a faster data transfer rate, they are frequently utilized in desktop computers. SODIMM modules are primarily created for laptops and other tiny form factor devices, hence they are not frequently utilized in desktop PCs.
  • SODIMM modules are not frequently used in gaming computers because they are primarily meant for laptops and other tiny form factor devices, whereas DIMM modules are utilized frequently because they offer bigger memory capacities and quicker data transfer rates.
  • SODIMM modules are frequently used in embedded systems because they are compact and offer sufficient memory capacity for these devices; DIMM modules are less frequently utilized because they are larger and use more power
  • SODIMMs have fewer pins compared to DIMMs. SODIMM typically has 204 pins(DDR3 and DDR4) or 200 pins(DDR2), but the DIMM has 288 pins(DDR4) or 240 pins(DDR3 and DDR2)
  • SODIMM modules are commonly used in laptops as they are smaller in size and consume less power, DIMM modules are not commonly used in laptops as they are larger in size and consume more power.
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