7 November 2023

Disadvantages of Motion sensors Lights

Motion sensor lights are those that activate on their own when a car drives into the driveway or when you walk by. When someone moves within a certain range of the sensor, the Motion sensor light turns on. They can be used indoors as standard light fixtures although, they are typically placed outdoors as security lights.

Disadvantages of Motion sensors

  • High-power radio frequency is harmful to humans
  • Active metal items are not penetrated by radio frequencies in the microwave range.
  • Beyond 350 degrees C, passive motion sensors cease to function.
  • Any form of moving object has the ability to activate the PIR sensor.
  • Within around 10 meter range a human can be detected using a passive infrared(PIR) sensor.
  • The passive sensor type is only effective in line-of-sight (LOS) environments.
  • Passive types are different from an object moving very slowly.
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