26 February 2024

RAM VS VRAM | Difference | Comparison

The main difference among Random get right of entry to memory (RAM) and Video Random get right of entry to memory(VRAM) is that Random get admission to memory(RAM) is the principle memory that your pc makes use of to store and technique facts. Video Random get entry to memory, or VRAM for short, is a kind of specialized reminiscence that your images card makes use of to task images onto your display screen. In gaming structures, RAM and VRAM are each very crucial additives. however How do they range from each other? What do these terms represent? what's RAM and VRAM? Why are they necessary for the fine gaming overall performance? permit's take a look at is out the difference between RAM and VRAM and notice how each one topics in your gaming machine.

What is RAM?

RAM is an abbreviation for random access memory. It enables users to perform data read and write operations. It is referred to as transferred memory because the data stored in it is only valid while the power supply is turned on. The operating system files and current data for the computer are stored in RAM memory storage, which makes use of a semiconductor component. 

What is VRAM?

The VRAM stands for video random access memory. As the name suggests, this memory can be used for any kind of display. This RAM is essential for gaming machines because it holds graphics data. VRAM helps the computer quick handling of complex graphics. It is essential in how AR and 3D are handled. When you buy a graphics card for your gaming computer, VRAM is already included. RAM manages ordinary data and VRAM handles graphical data. Both RAM and VRAM are essential for gaming machines. 

Similarities between RAM and VRAM

  • RAM and VRAM are both essential to the normal operation of a modern computer or laptop.
  • Both RAM and VRAM are types of memory.
  • Computer performance is enhanced by RAM and VRAM specifications.

Difference between RAM and VRAM

  1. Meaning: RAM stands for random access memory, and VRAM stands for video random access memory.
  2. Released: RAM is released in the 1940s, whereas VRAM is released in the 1980s.
  3. Developed: RAM is developed by Freddie Williams and TOM Kilburn, while VRAM is developed by IBM research.
  4. Port: RAM is a single port whereas VRAM is a dual port.
  5. Connection: RAM is connected to the motherboard and VRAM is on the graphics card.
  6. Work: RAM works for the CPU, and VRAM works for the GPU.
  7. Store: RAM stores temporary data on the other hand VRAM stores graphics data.
  8. Speed: RAM is slower than VRAM.
  9. Technology: Technology influenced by RAM are DDR, DRAM, RDRAM, SDRAM, and VRAM, whereas Technology influenced by VRAM are GDDR5, GDDR5X, and HBM.
  10. Slot: RAM is a dedicated slot, and VRAM is integrated into a Graphics card.
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