2 September 2021

RAM vs Cache

Cache memory and RAM both bring data closer to the processor, reducing response time latency. Learn why one can be faster, as well as another important factor in cache Vs RAM

What is RAM?

RAM is an abbreviation for random access memory. It enables users to perform data read and write operations. It is referred to as transferred memory because the data stored in it is only valid while the power supply is turned on.

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What is Cache?

The cache is a small, fast memory component in a computer that sits between the CPU and the main memory. To make this argument work. The cache must be significantly faster than the main memory. This method is less expensive than using fast memory devices to implement the entire main memory.

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Difference between RAM and Cache | RAM vs Cache 

  • RAM is a type of volatile memory that can store data as long as power is supplied. While the cache is a smaller and fast memory component in the computer.
  • The size of RAM is greater, while the size of cache memory is less.
  • RAM holds programs and data that are currently executed by the CPU, while the Cache holds frequently used data by the CPU.
  •  RAM is not the fastest as compared to cache, while the cache is faster.
  • Cache memory increases the accessing speed of the CPU, while the RAM is faster than hard disk, floppy disk, compact disk, or just any form of secondary storage media.
  • CPU reads cache memory data before reading RAM, while the Cache CPU reads RAM data after reading cache memory.
RAM and cache are both volatile memory, which means they require power to maintain the stored data, and if the power is interrupted, the data is lost. The cache is used to store frequently used program instruction or data that the CPU is likely to need next, whereas the RAM is a computer's term digital memory that stores data and programs that the CPU is actively using. The cache is RAM that works between RAM and the CPU as a very fast buffer to hold instructions and data that the CPU is likely to request for its next operation.

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