Difference between 3G and Wi-Fi

3G and Wi-Fi are both wireless access technologies operate in different frequencies and access range. You can access the internet with 3G and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi only can go up to 250 meters and 3G coverage could go beyond Kilometers. Wi-Fi is a personal wireless LAN used in short-range with low setup fees whereas 3G is normally deployed by Mobile operators in voice and wireless broadband network. Wi-Fi operated in high frequency thus data rate is high so Wi-Fi is much faster than 3G. Now in this article, you can check it out the difference between 3G and Wi-Fi both are Internet access provider. 

The main difference between them is speed.

Difference between 3G and WiFi 

  • Wi-Fi access is controlled by a Wi-Fi router located at a distance from an access point and 3G is completely controlled and provided by a service provider. 
  • Signals of Wi-Fi can be received if the user is present within a range of the router whereas singles of 3G can be received within the network coverage area. 
  • 3G basically evolved from a voice network where QoS is a critical success factor while Wi-Fi evolved from a data network where QoS is not a critical success factor. 
  • 3G uses licensed spectrum for the device while Wi-Fi uses unlicensed, free, share spectrum.
  • 3G service providers own and manage the infrastructure and customers have a monthly service provider while Wi-Fi user organization owns the infrastructure and also the usage of a network does not involve an access fee.
  • 3G has a much larger coverage than Wi-Fi networks.
  • The use of Wi-Fi technology is considered to be less expensive as compared to third-generation (3G) technology.
  • As compare to 3G networks, Wi-Fi networks are too much faster.
  • The 3G network is more reliable than the Wi-Fi network.
  • 3G is basically used Voice over IP ( VoIP ) downloading software and content, news, download music, personal communication network, etc while Wi-Fi uses office/campus, homes, railway station, airport, factory shop floor, etc.
  • 3G can go up to a maximum speed of 14 Mbits/s and Wi-Fi can go up to 54 Mbits/s. 
  • 3G supports both voice and data and only data supports by Wi-Fi. 
  • Wi-Fi can be easily installed by anyone by setting up a wireless LAN on a computer that has a wireless adapter installed and 3G can only be installed by network provider companies.
  • The use of Wi-Fi technology is considered to be less expensive as compared to 3G technology.  
However, looking at their similarities and difference, in a nutshell, we can say that both 3G and Wi-Fi have been contributing to the growing telecommunication sector and proved to be very important for Internet and mobile telephone services. 

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