GiFi vs WiFi

The main key difference between GiFi and WiFi is given below:
  • GiFi is developed in the year 2004, WiFi development in the year 1990
  • GiFi uses millimeter waves to transmit or receive data to/ from the air while WiFi uses radiofrequency waves to transmit/ receive data to/from the air.
  • The primary device of GiFi is a mobile phone, home device, Electronics office, PDAs, consumers, automation device while in WiFi uses a computer, desktop, computer server, etc. 
  • The frequency range of GiFi 57 to 64 GHz and the WiFi frequency range 2.4 GHz and/or 5 GHz.
  • Data rate or speed is 5 Gbps and more but in WiFi, the data rate is 150 Mbps and more 802.11ac, and 802.11ad.
  • The data density is very high in Gigi compare to WiFi.
  • Both Gigi and WiFi security is less.
  • The cost is low in GiFi as compared to WiFi.
  • GiFi the coverage is smaller than WiFi.
  • Power consumption of GiFi is <2mW, WiFi  is in power consuption 10mW.
  • The range of GiFi is 10 meters, The WiFi is the range 100 meters.

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