26 March 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of schottky diode

A Schottky diode is used in numerous application where other types of diode will not perform very well. They offer a number of advantages on the other hand limitations are also, listed below to know more details about Schottky diode.

Advantages of Schottky diode :
  • High efficiency
  • Fast recovery time so it can be mostly used in the application of high-speed switching
  • Low junction capacitance
  • The low forward voltage drop
  • It can operate high frequency
  • Schottky diode produces less unwanted noise than P-N junction diode
  • High current density
  • Low power consumption. 
  • Rapid response to a change in bias 
  • It has a negligible storage time
  • Low switching time
Disadvantages of Schottky diode :
  • A Schottky diode is more expensive. 
  • They operate at low voltages compare to the P-N junction diode
  • These diodes can't withstand much higher voltage without break down
  • These diodes have relatively higher reverse current
  • It gets heated up quickly in practical.