24 March 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of zener diode

We all know that the Zener diode is a unique diode that allows the current to flow in one direction like a regular diode but is also permits it to flow in the opposite direction. It allows the flow in the opposite direction when the voltage is above some certain value as the Zener voltage. Zener diode consists of a highly doped reversed biased, p-n junction diode while operating in the breakdown region. Here this article gives the advantages and disadvantages of the Zener diode to better understand this topic.

Advantages of Zener diode:

  • The Zener diode is less expensive than another diode
  • This diode can be used in regulate and stabilize the voltage in a circuit
  • These diodes have a high-performance standard
  • Control the flowing current
  • Compatibility and obtainability
  • It can be used in a smaller circuit that would not work with any larger form of the current regulation.
  • They are compatible with the most system due to their lower cost and greater control

Disadvantages of Zener diode:

  • Zener diode cancels out voltage by applying an even larger voltage in the reverse direction wasting electricity in the process.
  • A Zener diode has a relatively poor regulation ratio and is generally not as good as the transistor.

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