Digital filter types

Digital filter meaning can be classified in several different groups but there are two major types of digital filter are to be full form of FIR  and full form of IIR. FIR is also called recursive, IIR is also called non-recursive types of filter.

In this article, we have to discuss the basic two types of filter known as the FIR and IIR filter. Now let us check it out some basic characteristics of FIR and IIR filters.

Characteristics of FIR filter :
  • Linear phase characteristics
  • Stability
  • High filter order
Characteristics of  IIR filters :
  • Non-linear phase characteristics
  • Low filter order
  • This filtering, the resulting digital filter has the potential to become unstable 
There is also some  other filter like :
  • High pass
  • Bandpass
  • Low pass
  • Stopband
  • Notch
  • Comb filter 
  • All pass filter
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