Application of z transform

The field of signal processing is essentially a field of signal analysis in which they are reduced to their mathematical component and evaluated. One important concept of signal processing is that of the Z transform method which converts unwieldy sequence into a form that can be easily dealt with. Z transform is used for much signal processing application. Here this article gives information about the application of Z transform to know more details about it.
  • Pole-zero description of the discrete-time system
  • Analysis of linear discrete signal
  • Use to analysis digital filter
  • Used to find the frequency response
  • Obtain impulse response estimation
  • Determine the difference equation
  • Analysis of discrete signal
  • Calculation of  a signal to control system
  • Direct computer evolution of frequency response
  • Voice transmission
  • Enhance the electrical as well as mechanical energy to provide a dynamic nature of the system
  • Geometric evolution of frequency response
  • Frequency response estimation via the FFT
  • Used to simulate the continuous systems
  • It also helps in system design, analysis and also checks the system stability
  • For automatic control in telecommunication
  • Used in designing digital filters