Difference between dwdm and cwdm

CWDM and DWDM both are effective methods to solve the increasing bandwidth capacity of information transmission at present. The main development goals of CWDM and DWDM are both high capacity and also low cost. but the difference between CWDM and DWDM is as given below:

The main key difference between DWDM and DWDM is listed below:
  • DWDM stands for dense wavelength division multiplexing, CWDM stands for coarse wavelength division multiplexing, 
  • CWDM defined by wavelength, DWDM defined by frequencies.
  • CWDM has lower capacity, DWDM has higher capacity.
  • CWDM has lower cost, DWDM has a higher cost.
  • CWDM has short-range communication, DWDM has long-range communication.
  • CWDM has used a wide range of frequencies, DWDM uses a narrow range of frequencies.
  • In DWDM cooled laser may be used due to tighter control of wavelength, Whereas in CWDM uncooled laser is used due to the longer channel spacing 
  • In CWDM break spectrum is large in a large section, While in DWDM break spectrum in smaller sections
  • CWDM is more wavelength spacing, While DWDM has less wavelength spacing.
  • DWDM precision laser is needed to keep channels on the target, while in CWDM wavelength drift is possible.
  • CWDM has Mux and Demux systems are developed to be used in multiplexing multiple, CWDM channels into one or two fibers.
  • In CWDM no of active wavelength per fiber is fewer than 8 while DWDM more than 8.
  • DWDM is used for application for light signal amplification.
  • DWDM systems are capable to fit more than forty different data streams in the amount akin to that of fiber used for two data streams in a CWDM system.
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