14 June 2019

Difference between PCM and DPCM

We have to learn about this topic first let we understand the full form of PCM and DPCM full form. PCM and DPCM are the methods of the procedures used for transformation analog signal into a digital signal. These methods are different as the PCM method are represents sample value by code words whereas in DPCM the original and sample values depend on the previous samples. Here this post gives information about the main comparison between PCM and DPCM to better understand this topic.

The main key difference between PCM and DPCM are given below:
  • PCM stands for pulse code modulation, DPCM stands for differential pulse code modulation.
  • PCM can be required the highest bandwidth but  DPCM required small bandwidth. 
  • PCM is comprised of complex notation as to when DPCM has simple notation.
  • PCM  can be used 4,8,16 bit per sample, DPCM can be uses 2 or 3 bit per sample.
  • In PCM the quantization error depends on a number of levels, While in DPCM slop overload distortion and quantization noise is present.
  • PCM has a better signal to noise ration while DPCM has an average signal to noise ratio.
  • In PCM the number level depends on the number of bits, While in DPCM has fixed number of levels are used.
  • Both PCM and DPCM techniques suffer quantization error and distortion but different extent.
  • PCM has no feedback in transmitter or receiver, but in DPCM feedback is present.
  •  PCM is used in audio, video, and telephony, while in DPCM is used in speech and video application.
  • If we talk about efficiency DPCM is a step ahead of PCM method.
We conclude that the above difference is that PCM procedure sample and convert analog waveform into a digital waveform directly with the help of an analog to digital more covert. On the other hand, DPCM does similar work but uses multibit difference value.

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