Difference between energy and power

Energy: Energy is the capacity to do work. Energy is power integrated over time.
Power: Power is the rate at which work is done or must be energy is transmitted.

Here this post gives the difference between energy and power to better understand this topic.

The main key difference between energy and power are listed below:
  • Energy can be defined as the capacity of the object to perform work, while power implies the rate at which work is done upon an object.
  • Energy indicates how much work a person can do? Whereas power represents how quickly work can be done?
  • Energy is indicated by W, while power is indicated by P.
  • Energy is neither generated not destroyed it is only turned from to another on the contrary power cannot be transformed from one form to another.
  • Energy can be measured in terms of joules which is equal to watt seconds as power is expressed in terms of watt which is equal joules per second.
  • Conversion of energy is possible to power cannot be stored.
  • Energy is time quantity or component while power is an instantaneous quantity.
  • Various type of energy like kinetic, thermal, sound, electromagnetic, elastic, light, etc while a different type of power like electric power, human power, optical power, etc.
  • Energy is known to be stored which can be used in the future, Power quantity is not suitable or cannot be stored.
  • Energy is used in moving car, heating home, flying an airplane, lighting night, etc, Power finds its uses in mechanical applications, electrical applications, heat applications, etc.
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