Difference between force and pressure

There can be a major difference between force and pressure is that, even though both are physics entities. In oreder to understand the difference, we need to definition and application. Force is the push and pulls action resulting in the change of motion and direction whereas pressure is the physical force per unit areas.


Force: Force is any kind of push or pulls resulting from the interaction of two bodies, that can cause the object to accelerate.
Pressure: Pressure is a force to extend over an area, acted upon something in the direction perpendicular to its surface.

The main key difference between force and pressure have given below:

  • Force is the push and pulls action resulting in acceleration of the project, Pressure acting upon a certain area, and acted upon something perpendicular to its surface.
  • Forced measured in units called newtons, the Pressure measurement unit is the pascal.
  • Force has both magnitude and direction, Pressure has magnitude but no direction.
  • Force is an instrument of measurement is a dynamometer, Pressure is an instrument of measurement is a manometer.
  • Force can be acted upon on the face, sides, edges, or vertices of the object, Pressure only acts on the surface or face of the object.
  • Force is a vector quantity which means it also has direction, Pressure is a scalar quantity which means it does not have direction.
  • The velocity of the object can be changed with the application of force in one direction, Pressure on the object won't change the direction of the object.
  • Force has subcategories like normal, gravity and applied forces, Pressure has no subcategories.
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