3 February 2020

Applications of multimeter

We all know that a multimeter is extremely too important for electronics and electrical instruments and is extensively used for carrying out various tests and to measurements in electronics as well as electrical circuits. 

There are two types of multimeter basically analog multimeter and digital multimeter. they are many advantages of the analog multimeter as well as digital multimeters advantages. The applications are measuring accurately circuit and component parameters. They are different type of multimeter is used for the test, to adjust and troubleshoot electronic circuits, traditionally multimeter of either type measure three main parameters.

1. Current both AC and DC
2. Voltage both AC and DC
3. Resistance

The main Applications of multimeter are listed below:

  • Voltage measurement: High and low value DC measurement and peak to peak and DC average measurement.
  • It will use for temperature and environmental applications: Low-cost weather station, DMM internal temperature.
  • Resistance measurement: Micro ohm meter, measuring with constant voltage and measuring resistance with constant current
  • Time and frequency measurement: Fast frequency, and time measurement
  • Current measurement: DC current measurement, true RMS AC current