z wave vs wifi

Both the Z wave and WiFi can be useful for setting up a home automation system. Both networks can tie into nearly any electronic device, from lights and security systems to garage door openers and smart appliances. So here this article gives the Z wave vs WiFi to better understand this topic.

Difference  between z wave and wifi:

  • Z wave has only very little power consumption of 1 mW, while WiFi has high power consumption.
  • Z wave has a high cost, while the WiFI has a medium cost.
  • The scalability of the Z wave is greater than 6000while the WiFi has only 32 scalabilities.
  • The interoperability of Z wave is different manufacturers, while the WiFi has Bluetooth compatibility devices.
  • Z wave range is only 30 m while the WiFi has a 100 m range.
  • The frequency of the Z wave is -900MHz, while the WiFi frequency has 2.4 GHz/5GHz.
  • WiFi has high energy, while the Z wave has no energy.
  • Battery life is bad for WiFI, while the Z wave has good battery life.
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