23 April 2020

Difference between router and switch | Router vs Switch

Router and switch are both network connecting devices. The router works at network layers and it is responsible to find the shortest path for a packet. While the switch connects various devices in a network. The router connects devices across multiple networks. Here this article gives information about the difference between router and switch are given below to better understand this topic.

What is a router?

The router is a computer networking device that serve two primary functions: create and maintain a local area network and manage the data entering and leaving the network as well as data moving inside of the network.

What is the switch?

A network switch is a computer networking device that is used to connect many devices together on a computer network. A switch is considered more advanced than a hub because a switch will on send message to the device that needs or request it.

The main key difference between router and switch:

  • The main objective of the router is to connect various networks simultaneously while the main objective of the switch is to connect various devices simultaneously.
  • Router word in the network layer, While switch work data link layer.
  • The router is used by LAN as well as MAN, while the switch is used only LAN.
  • Router and switch both are full-duplex mode transmission.
  • The router is a network device while the switch is an active device and network device.
  • The router is data sent in the form of the packet while the switch is data is sent in the form of packet and frame.
  • Port in rout 2/4/5/8 while the switch multi-port is 24/48 port. 
  • The router is compatible with NAT, Switch is not compatible with NAT.
  • A router is less collision take place, while switch there is no collision take place in a full-duplex switch.
  • Speed is  1-100 Mbps in wireless, and 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps in wires for the router, while the switch is 10/100 Mbps, 1 Gbps. 
  • A router is a different network environment, a router is faster than an L3 switch while in the switch is LAN environment an L3 switch is faster than the router.
  • In the router, the transmission in initial level broadcast then unicast and multicast while the switch transmission in first broadcast the unicast and multicast as needed.
  • Router type: Adaptive and non-adaptive type while switching type: circuit, packet, and message switching.
  • In the router, every port is its own broadcast domain, while the switch has its own broadcast domain.
  • The router used IP address, Switch uses the MAC address.
  • Router and switch both are intelligent device.
  • Router manufacturing Asus, TP-link, D-link, Cisco, Netgear, Linksys while the switch is manufacturing to the Cisco and D link juniper.
  • The router takes fast routing decision, Switch take more time for complicated routing decision.
  • A router can work both wired and wireless network situations while the switch is restricted to wired network connections.
  • A router is a firewall VPN dynamic handling of bandwidth, while the switch is main features is priority range on/off port VLAN port mirroring.
  • An example of the router is Linksys WRT54GL juniper MX and EX series cisco 3900, 2900, 1900. Switch Alcatel's Omni switches 9000; Cisco Catalyst switches 4500 and 6500.
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