Difference between router and gateway

When its comes to the difference between gateway and router, man people who are unfamiliar with both gateway and router maybe it confused. So it necessary to clarify the difference between them. So here this article gives information about the difference between router and gateway to better understand this topic.

What is the router?

A router is a device/ service that provides the function IP packet between networks.

What is the gateway?

A gateway is a router that provides access for IP packets into and/or out of the local network

The main key difference between router and gateway are listed below:

  • The router is to ensure data packets are switched to the right address while the gateway is to connect two networks of different protocols as a translator.
  • Dynamic routing is supported in the router, while the gateway dynamic routing was not supported.
  • The main key features of router are DHCP server, NAT, static routing, wireless networking IPv6, MAC address. While the gateway is protocol conversion like VoIP to PSTN network access control etc.
  • Related terms of the router are internet router, WiFi router, etc while the related terms of the gateway are a proxy server, gateway router, voice gateway.
  • It works on layer 3 and 4 while the gateway works up to layer 5.
  • Hosted on the dedicated appliance in the router while in gateway dedicated/virtual appliance or physical layer.
  • The working principle of the router is installing routing information for various networks and routing traffic based on the destination address. While the gateway is differentiating what is an inside network and what and what outside network.
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