Difference between router and modem | Router vs Modem

The main difference between the router and modem is that router connects devices to WiFi. We reviewed both to take away the confusion about how they work and to help you choose which device you will need for your internet needs. 

What is Modem?

A modem relays signals from your internet service provider to your home or office by converting the analog internet signal into digital signals. It is your gateway to the outside world, letting your network connect to the rather internet. Usually, you will get your network to connect to the rather internet plan.

What is a Router?

A router is a networking device that routes your internet connection from your modem to all of your devices, such as mobile phones, desktop, smart TVs, laptops, etc. This enables them all to connect to the internet at the same time. A router also makes it possible for different devices at the same time. A router also makes it possible for the different devices to communicate with one another over the network.

The main key difference between router and modem are listed below:

  • A router can provide direct data in a network. Passes data between home computers, and between computers and also the modem. While a modem is provided facilitates a connection to the internet by transmitting and receiving data over telephone lines.
  • The router is a network layer while the modem is a data line layer.
  • Port in router 2/4/5/8 while the modem port is only 2. One for connection to ISP and another dor to connect with the router.
  • Router establish to a local network while the modem establishes to decode the signal from ISP.
  • Both need to data transmission in packet form.
  • The router is a networking device, Modem is internetworking devices.
  • The router can connect to multiple PCs or networking dives via ethernet or WiFi while the modem can connect to one PC using an Ethernet port.
  • The router does not need necessary for internet connection, but provide additional security and allows for multiple connections while the modem internet connection is necessary to requirement.
  • The router requires the modem to connect the internet while the modem is not responsible for WiFi.
  • The router can share information between computers, but cannot to the internet without a modem while a Modem can work without a router, Delivering information to a single PC.
  • The router provides security measure to protect the network, Modem is not measured security.
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