Difference between VoIP and landline

Today's business environment looks a lot different than it did a few decades ago. The advances of communications technology enabled by the internet have introduced a variety of new ways for companies to do business and employees to get work done. Here this article gives the difference between VoIP and landline to better understand this topic. 

What is a landline?

When people use the landline, they are most often referring to a telephone that uses solid core, twisted-pair copper wire, and also uses plugs into two or four-pin wall jacks. Generally speaking, copper wire phone technology hasn't changed much since it was invented in the 19th century. 

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. This is a business communications technology that allows for making and receiving calls over the internet. VoIP protocol, phones do not use traditional twisted-pair copper wire. The phone is connected using the same broadband internet connection this plugs into a computer or router. 

The main key difference between VoIP and Landline are listed below:

  • In VoIP setup cost is low, Landline is high setup cost.
  • Running cost us low in VoIP, In the landline the running cost is high.
  • Need speed of 10 Kbps in VoIP while the landline speed needs 64Kbps.
  • VoIP transmits voice, video, and any form of multimedia just like you do on the internet, While landline no support for multimedia only voice.
  • VoIP is easy and inexpensive to scale as your business grows, While the landline is an additional phone set, wired phone lines need in order to scale.
  • In VoIP, a large number of features available at no additional cost, While the landline limited options for add-ons, most of which cost is extra.
  • In VoIP, the internet should be functional at all times but calls can be forwarded to a secondary device during a power outage, Landline is usable during a power outage.
  • Free VoIP to VoIP calls. Internation and mobile calls typically charged at a nominal rate, While in Landline no free PSTN to PSTN calls. All calls are charged. 

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