9 June 2020

Difference Between Steganography and Cryptography

The main comparison between the steganography and cryptography are listed below. You can also check out some differences related to this term are also listed below.

What is steganography?

Stgenography or cover writing is a method where a secret method is converted into a fake-looking message. This techniques help to keep a message secret. It is pretty difficult to use and understand. The structure of data remains unaltered in steganography. It is used in a text, audio, video, or images.

What is cryptography?

Cryptography is secret writing is a method where a secret method is converted in the ciphertext and sent to another person who then decrypted the chipper text into plain text.

The main key difference between steganography and cryptography are listed below:

  • The meaning of the steganography is hidden writing, cryptography signifies secret writing.
  • The cryptography is prevalently used, unlike steganography which is not so familiar with it. 
  • The degree of the security of the secret data is measured by the key length which makes the algorithm is too much strong and also unbreakable. Conversely, there is no such thing in steganography.
  • Steganography provides only confidentially and authentication. In the country, the principle of security provided by the cryptography is confidentiality, integrated, authentication, and nonrepudiation.
  • The spacial domain, transform domain embedding, and model-based are some of the algorithms used in steganography. In contrast, the cryptography uses techniques named transpositional, substitution, stream, and block ciphers.
  • In steganography devices, the main structure of the message is not change, while the cryptography process, imposes a change on the secret message before they transferring it over the entire network.
  • The steganography can be employed on any medium such as text file, audio-video, and image while cryptography is implemented only and only on the text file.
  • The reverse engineering employed to decode the message into cryptography is known as the cryptanalysis. On the other hand, the techniques used to detect the presence of steganography are known as steganalysis.
  • Attacks' name in steganography is steganalysis, while in cryptography, attacks name is cryptanalysis. 
  • Steganography is less popular compare to the cryptography, while cryptography is more popular compared to steganography.
  • Steganography the structure pf data is not usually altered, while in cryptography structure of data is altered. 
  • Steganography is an attempt to achieve secure and undetectable data for communication. But the cryptography intends to make the message readable for only the target recipient but not by others through obtaining a disguised form of this type of message.
  • Steganography is not much mathematical transformation are involved, while cryptography involves the use of number theory, mathematics, etc to modify data.