Difference Between Digital Signature and Electronic Signature

The main key difference between the digital signature and electronic signature is that the digital signature is mainly used to secure documents and it is authorized by certification authorities while in an electronic signature is often associated with the contract where the signer has got the intention to do so. Here this article gives information about the main key difference between a digital signature and electronic signature to better understand this topic.

The main key difference between digital signature and electronics signature:

  • A digital signature is online, if any change is done in the document after the signature is applied, it will refer the signature as an invalid signature, While in electronic signature alternation can easily take place.
  • In digital signature encryption done by using a digital certificate is very secure, an electronic signature as not based on standard are inclined towards using a method based on proprietary aspects so are completely less secure.
  • A digital signature is authorized and regulated by certification authorities, while in electronic signature usually not authorized.
  • As a digital signature online is linked with the private key of an individual, it is unique and hard to deny, while in the verification of electronics signature is comparatively tough.
  • Digital signature has more security features, while in electronics signature has fewer security features.
  • Digital signatures can be verified, while in electronics signature cannot be verified.
  • As a digital signature is without fail time-stamped hence are useful in a court of law to link a person to the signature at a particular time and date, While in electronics signature data and time is associated with the electronic signature but as separately held, open to misuse.
  • Digital signature holding a length of multiple events, a digital signature can verify when any signature was applied, advanced digital signature products such as approve, send out notification in case if a long is altered. While in electronics signature audit long are not applied in an easy way.
  • A digital signature is based on adobe and Microsoft's main type, while in electronics signature includes verbal, electronics ticks, or scanned signatures. 
  • The digital certificates represent individual signatories by giving details of the individuals signing the documents, to say full name, email address, and company. While in electronic signature details of an individual placing an electronic signature is not held with the signature itself therefore are more prone to get tempered. 
  • Digital signature preferred more than electronic signature due to high levels of authenticity, while electronic signature easy to use but less authentic.
  • The digital signature was concerned about securing the documents while in electronic signature intent to sign the contract.

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