24 July 2020

Difference Between Electrical and Electronic Devices

The electrical and electrons are interrelated with each other. The electrical is the flow of electrons, and the electrons are the technique of controlling the flow of electrons for doing the particular work. Here this article give the information about the main key difference between electrical and electronics device to better understand this topic.

Definition of electrical devices:

The devices which are converting the current into other forms of energy or work such a type of device is known as the electrical devices. It uses the metal for conduction. The electrical devices mainly work on the high alternating current. 

Definition of electronics device:

The device which controls the flow of electrons for performing the particular task such type of device is known as the electronic devices. The word electronics means the study of the behavior of electrons under the effect of the electric field.

Difference between electrical and electronics device:

  • The electrical device works on high voltages while in the electronics device work on low voltages.
  • The power consumption of electrical devices is more as compared to electronic devices.
  • The conductivity of the electrical devices is high while it is low for electronic devices.
  • The electrical device does not manipulate the data whereas the electronic device manipulates the data.
  • The electrical devices mainly work on the alternating current (AC) whereas the electronics device works on the direct current(DC).
  • The electrical device directly works on the current due to which it gives a quick response. The electronics are the only moving charge of the electronic device and hence their response time is less.
  • The electrical device is very and larger in size and hence requires more space whereas the electronics components are very smaller and placed on the single-chip or we can say it require very little space.
  • Fan, transformer, motor, generator are the example of the electrical device whereas the transistor, thyristor, microcontroller are the example of the electronic device.
  • The electrical device uses copper and aluminum wires for the flow of electrical current whereas the electronics device uses the semiconductor material.
  • The electrical device changes the current into another form of energy like some heat, light, etc. but the electronic device controls the movement of electrons for performing the operation.
  • The electrical device is more dangerous as compared to the electronics device.
  • Electrical devices produce current and voltage. while in electronics device control current and voltage.
  • Electric device work with minimum 110V, electronics device work with minimum 5V.

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