11 December 2020

Minimum oil circuit breaker advantages and disadvantages

This the type of oil circuit breaker, which uses less oil. The oil tank is placed on a porcelain insulator for insulating it from on to the ground. It includes an arc chamber that is enclosed within a bakelite paper. This oil circuit breaker includes two portions: the upper portion is porcelain that is enclosed with contact wheres the lower portion is supported through the porcelain. So here this article gives the main key advantages and disadvantages of the Minimum oil circuit breaker (MOCB) to better understand this topic.

 Advantages Minimum oil circuit breaker:

  • It requires a small quality of the oil.
  • There is less risk of fire.
  • It requires small space since the quality of oil required is less ad a small separation of contact is sufficient to quench the arc.
  • Mainteance prolem are reduce.
  • The smaller in size the bulk oil circuit breaker.
Disadvantages of Minimum oil circuit breaker:
  • There is difficulty in removing the gases from the contact space in time.
  • The dielectric strength of the oil deteriorates rapidly due to the high degree of canonizations.
  • Due to the smaller quantity of oil, the degree of carbonization is increased.