VoIP advantages and disadvantages

Users can make phone calls over LANs or the internet using VOIP. This cutting-edge technology can transform analog voice signals into digital data packets. This packet can then be sent over the internet, allowing conversations to take place anywhere in the world that has access to the internet. As a result, this article discusses the benefits and drawbacks of VoIP in order to help you make a better decision.

Advantages of VoIP:

  • It is flexible.
  • Less expensive features.
  • Voice quality
  • Hosted VoIP saves the business money
  • It is cost-saving
  • It is accessibility 
  • VoIP is easier to install, configure and maintain
  • Even older technology like a fax is supported
  • VoIP integrated with other business systems
  • VOIP scales UP and Down easily
Disadvantages of  VoIP:
  • Reliable internet connection required.
  • Power outages/Emergencies
  • It consumes data bandwidth
  • With VoIP emergency calls, it is hard to locate you and send help in time
  • Devices need a sustained power source
  • Latency and traffic
  • No standard protocol is applicable
  • Loss of service during outages
  • VoIP phones are useless without power, which can be a significant disadvantage in the event of an emergency during a power outage.

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