5G Vs 6G | Difference | Comparison

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What is 5G?

The new 5G technology has been driven by specific uses and applications. 5G performance that targets high data rate, reduced latency, energy saving, higher system capacity, cost reduction, etc. 5G technology provides a far higher level of performance than the previous generations of mobile communications systems.

What is 6G?

The sixth generation of wireless technology is referred to as 6G. It is proposed that advanced features be integrated into existing 5G technology in order to achieve individual and group goals. Holographic communication, AI high precision manufacturing, new technologies such as sub THz or VLC functionalities, and so on are some of the 6G services.

Differences between 5G and 6G | 5G vs 6G

Frequency bands:

5G sub 6 GHz, and mm-wave for fixed access, while the 6G sub 6 GHz, mm-wave for mobile access exploration of THz bands and there are non-RF bands.

Data rate:

5G support data rate up to 1Gbps to 20 Gbps, while 6G  support 1 Tbps data rate.


the latency of 5G  is 5ms, while the 6G is <1ms.


5G dense sub 6GHz smaller BSs with umbrella macro Bss, MMwave small cells of about 100 meters, while the 6G cell-free smart surfaces at high frequencies. Temporary hotspots are served by drone-mounted Bss or tethered balloons.


5G support EMBB, URLLC, and mMTC, 6G uses applications MBRLLC, MURLLC, HCS, and MPS.

Device types:

Device types in 5G use smartphones, sensors, and drones, while 6G types sensors & DLT devices, CRAS, XR and BCI equipment, and smart implants.

Traffic capacity;

5G has a spectral and energy efficiency gain is 10 * in bps/Hz/m2 while the 6G is 1000 * in bps/Hz/m3.

Localization precision: 

5G has 10 cm in 2D, while the 6G is 1 cm in 3D.

User Experience:

5G is 50 Mbps 2D everywhere, while the 6G is 10 Gbps 3D everywhere.

However, looking at their similarities and difference, in a nutshell, we can say that both 5G vs 6G  have been contributing to the growing telecommunication sector and proved to be very important for Internet and mobile telephone services. 

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